The catering nad gastronomy-oriented company Vyšehrad 2000 Group has been active on the local market since 1994. Providing catering services and management of restaurant and hotel operations – all of supreme quality – represent its line of business. Our portfolio of businesses includes the Restaurant Pod křídlem noci, the Municipal House Cafe, the Café Rožmberský palác, Café O2, the multipurpose hotel compound Areál Botanika (golf, tennis, wellness), the Loreta Hotel and, newly, a comprehensive gastronomy operation in the recently reconstructed Malostranská beseda.

In the catering services segment of the Czech market, the company presently ranks high on the list of largest operators of its kind. Social events – receptions, banquets, weddings, company or private gatherings, garden parties are organized on historical grounds, on premises both corporate and private or outdoors just as well. Its team is made up by chefs decorated in prominent contests, experienced wine stewards and masters of confectionery. All this may help to explain why the company´s portfolio regularly includes gastronomic and concomitant services organized for visits of state and local significant companies.

All company´s business centres hold certificates of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and HASAP (Hygiene and Sanitary rules) Management. The catering centre Michle was granted the ISO 22 000:2005 certificate.

The whole array of social events not exceeding 2000 in attendance is carried out with support of company´s own inventory and transport facilities. This is what provides for an immaculate logistic background of the event. Vyšehrad 2000 as operates a company-own catering depot located in the business centre in Praha 4 (Ohradní 24b). A complete service is offered which includes event layout, arrangement works, floral decoration, attending crew, transport, acoustics etc.

In all its activities, the Vyšehrad 2000 Group endeavours to captivate its guests not only by the quality of services it provides but at the same time convey experience and atmosphere out of the ordinary, entertainment of a wide genre variety etc. And this may also explain our success in holding a solid ground in the field of gastronomy.

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